Check Your Twitter, Become a God


This week Deepak Chopra spoke to the Social Good Summit about how online social media is the next phase of human evolution. After listening to his talk, I have to admit I'm on board with that idea.

See, two of my fundamental beliefs about the world are that (1) life exists so that the Universe can experience itself and therefore (2) everything is interconnected and unified. The ONE (God, Brahma, Spirit, whatever-you-call-it) fragmented into "the ten thousand things" in order to experience life relationally... and then proceeded to "forget" its identity as a sort of cosmic game of hide-and-seek. To carry that out further it appears that the "goal" of evolution is a sort of cosmic redemption - the ten-thousand things realizing their identity and becoming one again. Of course I have no empirical proof of that and may be way the fuck off the mark, but it seems to align with both my internal truth as well as countless others who have embraced a Perennial Philosophy.

Energy and stars evolved into cold matter, later evolving into life and consciousness - which over time became the various apertures from which the Universe witnesses itself. You, me, the President, your nanny, your granny - each is a life, a unique bundle of energy that has a job, gets depressed, enjoys orgasms, lays in the grass, gets lung cancer and cries at rainbows. We exist in a playground of dualities so as to taste the sweetest fruits and the bitter depths of despair.

But beneath all that is still the unbroken One.

The internet - which is so ubiquitous now that it's almost impossible to remember a time before it - is one of the first major steps of "the ten thousand things" becoming one again. Through this technology we are no longer fractured, disconnected and individual selves. We are part of something much bigger - and the internet is a sort of nervous system that is connecting us (the various appendages) all over our planet. It really is quite fascinating (and almost mystical) how we have evolved to this point and one can only wonder where we go from here. (Deepak's message had a lot to say about that.)

So you obsess over Facebook and check your Twitter feed every 30 seconds. Some might say you have a problem - that you're anti-social and out of touch with flesh-and-blood reality. Actually, I think something else is up; subconsciously we know we are not alone, that we are not fractured, isolated individuals. Getting outside of our self-centered bubbles to share, to commune and to interact in such a global and powerful way is something nearing the Divine. Even "Liking" your cousin's cat pictures and bullshit political rants helps prove that time and space are dissolving. Something new is emerging. It's an exciting time to be alive indeed.